Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Designer Candle Making Classes

Beautiful colorful aromatic candles have gained immense popularity in recent times. The Malls and home- decor stores are overflowing with these wax beauties.Designer candles are unique in themselves as one can make a candle according to one's taste and design.
Join me for a Designer Candle making workshop for a hand's on experience and soon you will be creating awesome wax masterpieces of your own!
The students will be making and taking home 10 designer candles in a 3 day workshop of approximately 2 hours each:-
1 Floating aroma Candles
2 Pillar Candle
3 Double colored Candle
4 Ball Candle
5 Ice Candle
6 Icecream Candle
7 Chunky Candle
8 Wax Roses, leaves
9 Decorative Wax Candle
10 Gel Candle
(subject to change )
All materials required for the workshop will be available and included in the fee.For further details contact anita3775@gmail.com

Friday, June 15, 2012

One Stroke Painting

This time I wanted to paint some yellow roses for a change! Recently I have been painting pink roses all the time since they look prettiest,and wanted to try a different color. There are three more paintings waiting to be given finishing touches all on wood.
I was lucky to find wooden plaques and plates at a craft store and bought several different pieces . They were meant for Decoupage but I am using them for one stroke painting.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Handmade Flowers

Make your own beautiful gift items this festival season with gorgeous cold porcelain flowers!
A -

Beautiful handmade Cold Porcelain flowers available for decorating picture frames, making magnets, decorative pieces and whatever you may wish to decorate!Use a strong adhesive to stick on the flowers to the desired surface.

B -

Some smaller flowers useful for decorating photo frames,making wall hangings and other decorative items.Can be stuck on any surface with a hot glue gun, quick-fix or any strong adhesive.

Please specify the number of flowers required.Each flower is for Rs.40/, minimum order for Rs 500 plus courier charges. Further details on request.
Orders can be couriered in India only. anita3775@rediffmail.com