Sunday, October 6, 2019

Decoupage bottle tutorial

 Decoupage is a good way of upcycling empty bottles and showcasing the craft. It enhances the ambiance and also brings a lot of compliments !
1 A clean dry bottle (remove  labels by soaking the bottle overnight)
2  Paper napkin or decoupage paper of one's  choice
3 Modge Podge or decoupage glue, brushes, sponges
4 Stencil, acrylic colors
Double paint  the clean bottle with chalk paint or use spray paint, dry.
Next use the upper layer of the paper napkin , cut off the pattern required. Glue the paper napkin as desired with decoupage glue.
Decide the placement of the stenciled word and carefully stencil it.
Dry the entire project and varnish.
A beautiful bottle is ready for display or gifting to a friend.

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Rose Sculpture Painting

Sculpture painting, also known as 3 d decorative plaster flowers is the trendiest craft nowadays. The large voluminous flowers are very eye catching and look fantastic as home decor. These flowers are made with palette knifes and special sculpture paste which stays put and retains structure and height as soon as it is applied.
 A quick introduction about floral sculpture painting is in order. It has been made popular by an enterprising Russian young lady who also makes and markets the sculpture paste in several delectable shades. She also takes workshops and has trained several people in this art.
Welding the palette knifes is easy and its pure magic to see the flower take shape in a few deft knife strokes! Practice makes perfect and one can master the knife strokes and make beautiful decorative panels and floral frames for home decor for self use or gifting purposes.

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Sculptural Painting Flowers

 Sculptural painting or knife painting is my latest hobby and now 3 d voluminous flowers are blooming on my craft table! Flowers are my all time favorite , I have made them in various materials and its fun learning a new technique. These flowers are made with  palette knifes and thick paste , both  have to be deftly handled to give desired shape of petals and leaves.
 The thick paste flowers harden in a couple of days and make awesome decor , many different flowers  can be made with the same technique and the same 3 d results.
These sculpture paste flowers are different from air dry clay ones in several ways including the technique. I am happy to utilize my surplus craft mdf supplies into gorgeous decor pieces while learning a new hobby.

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Clay flower boxes

   Clay flowers are eco -friendly, durable and remain fresh for years ,they are also not as fragile as they appear, easy to maintain and truly awesome !
 I have been making clay flowers for several years and some of my favorites are still with me -beautiful as ever.
Clay flowers can be used for decorating keepsake boxes, jewelry boxes , favor boxes or gift boxes , the list is endless!
 Please visit my FB page featured on the sidebar for placing an order , or comment here itself, happy to customise according to colors, choice of flowers , price etc.
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Thursday, December 20, 2018

3 D Decoupage

3 D decoupage is the latest to catch the interest of many as the beautiful  3 d flowers add an exotic element to any decorative project. It can be called advanced decoupage as it combines the elements of simple decoupage with 3 dimensional images which gives a more realistic effect.
  The beautiful raised 3 d flowers, leaves and branches or images can be used for making exquisite cards, decorating boxes, bottle art and what you will.
For more details and workshops regarding this art form please comment here or connect with me on my FB page featured on the sidebar.

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Saturday, December 1, 2018

Decoupage Wall Hangings

Decoupage wall hangings are unique and brighten up any home. Nowadays people prefer handmade articles for home decor . Recently  I have made two decoupage sign boards combining stenciling and clay art in one of them.

Please comment here or connect on my FB page featured on the sidebar for more details about them.

Welcome sign decoupage and clay
 The welcome signage /board combines decoupage , stenciling, handwritten words and clay work on wood base
approx 12" x 5" , comes  with hooks for hanging on wall.

Home Sweet Home wall hanging

The Home Sweet Home sign board combines decoupage, stenciling , made on wood base approx 12"hooks for hanging on wall.
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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Decoupage workshop Delhi NCR

Decoupage is the art of transforming and up-cycling simple things into beautiful articles of home decor. Handmade decorative items showcases one's creativity , heartfelt effort and also makes a gift stand out  from the regular store bought ones.
 Bottles , wall art, boxes, pen-stands , candles and other things can be made into conversation starters and also brighten up odd corners  and niches.
Work on three different surfaces - glass bottle, candle and mdf/ wood. 
Learn how to select napkins, decoupage papers, placement , colors combinations , add elements.
Unleash your creativity with acrylics and chalk paints .
 Its a  3 hour decoupage workshop .
All materials and tools required provided for the workshop , just bring a carry bag to take home your creative efforts !
Flexible days and timings, please comment here or connect on my FB page featured on the sidebar.
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Monday, August 20, 2018

Decoupage Workshop at Delhi

            Decoupage workshop at Delhi NCR

Bring in the festive season by creating unique gift articles with the art of Decoupage, also learn to  upcycle bottles, jars for home decor in a 3 hour workshop.
Beginner's decoupage workshop - A totally hands on workshop where you take home what you create!
Learn to prepare base, select and work with paper napkins, decoupage papers, chalk paints, acrylics.
Make and take home a pretty  mdf wall hanging , penstand and a bottle.
 All materials provided for the class, flexible days and timings mutually suitable. 
Please comment here or message on my FB page featured on the side bar for more details.

PS -Kindly bring a carry bag to take home your  projects.
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Monday, April 9, 2018

Floral letters

Floral letters make cute wall hangings great door or wall decor.  They are made on a base like mdf  or any sturdy material with provision for hanging . The featured  letters are decorated with light weight handmade foamiran flowers based on stiff , thick paper, ideal for decorating rooms or walls.
 Orders welcome, please comment here or connect on my FB page featured on the sidebar. Customization is possible regarding size, color combination etc.
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Decoupaged Bottle

    Decoupage is a craft which can transform even the most mundane things like an empty bottle into a a beautiful display item. Anyone who has ventured into decoupage knows that once all materials are in hand then there is no end to experimentation.
 Decoupage napkins come in a wide range of designs, floral , ethnic, pertaining to festivals, seasons etc. but  flowers , specially roses are my all time favorite. This is a small bottle on which I chose for this particular project , half white and contrasting black make the pink roses stand out much to my satisfaction.
Please comment or connect with me on my FB page featured on the sidebar for details about decoupage classes etc.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Clay Flower Arrangements

    Clay flowers are eco-friendly, durable and look the same year after year , need no water , do not wilt or need looking after. They cannot be washed  but can be cleaned with  dry brush strokes to remove dust etc. I have some of my favorite clay flowers with me which look as fresh as ever.
 The above piece is made on MDF board  approx 12 " by 4" on order.
  Please check my FB page featured on the sidebar for placing orders and more variety of flowers.Thanks for visiting my blog, have a nice day !

Monday, December 18, 2017

Foamiran hair bands

Foamiran material is very soft, flexible and one can make beautiful flowers with it. The hair accessories decorated with its flowers look  trendy and gorgeous!
 Hair bands, hair barrettes , brooches, sari pins , boutonnieres , coat lapel pins , corsages and other fashion accessories can be enhanced with these super light, natural looking flowers.
 Orders are welcome for foamiran fashion accessories  , flower bunches /sprays and flowers for DIY projects,can be customised according to choice of flowers, colors, size and budget.
Please connect on my FB page Craft World featured on the side bar for placing orders.
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Thursday, November 23, 2017

Clay Poinsettias

 This year I enjoyed making air dry clay red and pink poinsettias  , holly leaves and berries.
Orders welcome, please connect on my FB page featured on the sidebar or leave a comment here.

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