Monday, December 18, 2017

Foamiran hair bands

Foamiran material is very soft, flexible and one can make beautiful flowers with it. The hair accessories decorated with its flowers look  trendy and gorgeous!
 Hair bands, hair barrettes , brooches, sari pins , boutonnieres , coat lapel pins , corsages and other fashion accessories can be enhanced with these super light, natural looking flowers.
 Orders are welcome for foamiran fashion accessories  , flower bunches /sprays and flowers for DIY projects,can be customised according to choice of flowers, colors, size and budget.
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Thursday, November 23, 2017

Clay Poinsettias

 This year I enjoyed making air dry clay red and pink poinsettias  , holly leaves and berries.
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Monday, November 6, 2017

Handmade Flower Boutonnieres

Handmade flower boutonnieres or button hole /corsage flower pins look elegant and add to any festive occasion.These flowers are made of light weight air dry clay and foamiran materials, take your pick!
 Best of all these can be kept ready in advance according to one's choice of material, flowers and colors as they don't wilt or droop  but remain fresh and can be reused.
   Customized according to colors, choice of flowers and size.
   Orders welcome, please comment here or connect on my FB page Craft World featured on the side bar.
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Saturday, October 14, 2017

Clay flower gift box

  Clay flowers are immensely popular since these flowers look fresh and lovely year after year. I have a few personal favorites with me which are still exquisitely beautiful though they were made years ago.
  Gift boxes , photo frames etc.can be made unique and special with clay flowers . We have clay flowers as well as clay flower bunches/ sprays for those who do not want to go through the hassle of flower color combinations , just stick them with a strong adhesive .
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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Foamiran Flower Making

Foamiran is a thinner version of the regular foam available in the market hence its easier to mold and shape. We can make beautiful soft, lifelike flowers with it provided we know the basics-
 Foamiran sheets are available in a few stores right now. Its best to buy a few in  floral shades and a green one to make leaves. That's what I did ,I bought red, yellow , two shades of pink and a dark green .
 My experience of making clay flowers helped me a lot but the technique is very different  and  hot :)

1 Foamiran sheets
2 Iron /press ( yes the very same we use to press/iron our clothes )
3 Scissors or one can use the die -cut machines and dies , but this is optional. One can
hand-cut petal shapes easily which also opens up limitless opportunities with regard to size and variety of flowers and leaves.
4 Oil pastels , alcohol inks for shading
5 Glue gun
6  Pollen, wires and other common flower making material
7 Molding tools

1  Cut petals according to the flower one is going to make , shade edges with oil pastels.
2 Plug in the press and heat to a low temperature like silk/ wool
3 Now carefully pick up one petal and press it against the heated press. Needs some practise but after a few trials one can do it without burning finger tips.
The foamiran petal will curl with heat and fall off. Pick it up and shape  /mold it , keep aside. Do similarly for all the cut petals and leave shapes.
4 Now heat the glue gun and start sticking petals according to the flower one is making. Be careful as hot glue can cause severe burns.
5 Brush off the strands of glue and admire your handiwork !
   It is best to join a foamiran flower making workshop to get a clear picture , learn and also see how to do it under guidance.
 Now I am eagerly waiting for my order of more foamiran  yummy shades to arrive !
 Orders open for foamiran flowers for decorative projects, please click on my FB page featured on the sidebar to connect with me .
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Saturday, September 2, 2017

Foamiran flower brooches

 Beautiful  sari pins and brooches decorated with soft, super-light handmade foamiran  flowers make perfect gifting options for festivals, birthdays and return gifts . Foamiran is imported material, soft to touch , flexible enough to be molded into flowers and great for fashion accessories.
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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Foamiran Flowers

Foamiran flowers look awesome and I made this pink rose and bud as soon as possible after getting my hands on foamiran sheets . These sheets have recently made their appearance in the Indian craft scene and have become my latest passion ! I love making flowers and have tried various mediums including paper, stocking cloth( the wire twisting put me off ), ceramic , clay - my favourite and  now foamiran.    Flower making needs patience and practise and lots of flower making material which I have fortunately  collected due to my interest.
 Foamiran sheets are special type of thin foam sheets , easy to shape and mold after heating ,dicey no doubt but worth it :) Soft to touch, flexible in a way, very lightweight, nearly water proof ,a dream material for making accessories ! Most important , flowers wont spoil or break during transit by courier or daily handling , wear without fear !
 These seemingly delicate , soft flexible flowers can be used on cards, scrapbooking, fashion accessories , photo frames and other decorative projects .
Foamiran flowers are easy to make and make look exquisite in any project.
 Orders are welcome for foamiran flowers, sprays, bunches for the coming festival season, please connect on my FB page featured on the sidebar or comment here.
  Customisation, suggestions, ideas welcome .
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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Novelty Soaps

Melt and pour soaps are easy to make and make great return gifts, party favors . They come in  many fragrances , colors  , shapes and sizes. These are are my first batch of melt and pour soaps and I am happy that my candle making knowledge is helping me in this venture.
 These novelty soaps are a rage nowadays and in great demand. Maybe I will experiment and make some more !

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Clay Flowers on boxes

      Air dry clay flowers can be used to decorate gift boxes and also go well with decoupage craft ,they are handmade, quite durable and look fresh for years. They can be dusted if required, keep away from moisture and treat them like any other decorative article.
   Orders welcome for clay flowers for DIY projects like decorating photo frames, gift boxes, trays, napkin holders etc. Please connect on my FB page Craft World featured on the sidebar or comment here on the blog.
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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Clay Flower Hair Accessories

  Air dry clay flowers are very light weight and look awesome , perfect for hair accessories , the hair barrettes are approx 3" and make great return gifts or for self use.
 These decorative clay flower hair accessories are for sale. Please comment here or connect on our Facebook page Craft World featured on the sidebar for more details, couriered all over India only.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Quilled wall art mandalas

Paper quilling is addictive , it is amazing to see simple strips of paper turning into gorgeous artwork . These quilled pieces can be used as candle holders, table decor or wall art! Nowadays people prefer to use smoke free LED candles and these paper quilled candle decoration are sure to enhance the ambience of any room . The quilling design has cardpaper for support at the back.
 These quilled mandalas can also be used as interesting wall art with thread or ribbon.
Materials used - . 5 mm quilling strips, glue and card paper .Approx 3" in diameter.
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Friday, March 31, 2017

 Clay art on bottle , didn't have the heart to  throw away the beautiful blue bottle or paint it. Today I just went ahead with clay flowers to make a memento and retain the awesome blue shade. Can be improved no doubt but I am quite happy with the flowers !
 Perfect to display as home decor or a knick-knack.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Clay Flower Name Plates

  Clay flower nameplates, wall hangings with quotes ....... there is  so much scope to decorate our homes with beauty! Mother's Day , name tags , quotes, messages and also photo frames all can be made even more attractive and beautiful with these air dry clay flowers which are super light as well as eco-friendly .

 These flowers look awesome for years and are quite sturdy and durable and can be customized according to color combination and choice of flowers.Needless to say these decorative wall hangings make great gifts and super mementos.
The base is MDF board which be resized  according to choice.

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