Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Air Dry Clay Flowers

Summer is in full swing and I decided to rearrange my Cold Porcelain flowers in a white vase.There are double layered poppies , yellow, pink roses and buds. Even without foliage they make a pretty picture.Cold Porcelain is also known as Air Dry Clay.

I added some artificial foliage to the arrangement to give it fullness and contrast.
Generally loose Cold Porcelain flower sticks are sold with artificial foliage as it is more flexible and can be rearranged according to one's choice. Cold Porcelain flowers and leaves are used when the flower arrangement is fixed on a base and cannot be rearranged.Keep watching!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Miniature Cold Porcelain Flowers

Cold Porcelain is a dream material for making flowers as it is very flexible and air dries to perfection, its also called Air Dry Clay.I love making miniature flowers and they look awesome as small decorative pieces on work tables,bureaus and other places.I had seen a tiny flower pot in a bank (!) and just had to make it!
These miniature beauties are for sale , price on request.Each item is handcrafted and is between 2"-3" high , a one rupee coin is displayed to give an idea of the size. Acrylic and Oil colors have been used for coloring.
Please contact me at anita3775@rediffmail.com for details.

MINI A - A small exquisite morning glory plant entirely made of cold porcelain in a ceramic container.

MINI B-A rose plant in a pot, both made of cold porcelain!

MINI C- Daffodils in a handmade container, both items made of cold porcelain.

MINI D- A bouquet of tiny roses in a container ready for display.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Cold Porcelain Flowers

These flowers are handcrafted with home made air-dry clay called Cold Porcelain and are for sale.Leaves are artificial but cold porcelain leaves can be provided on request.
The Flower sprays have been made for arrangements in a vase, basket or as desired.They make great gifts,favours for all occasions.Special orders are also created on demand.Price on request.

A- 3 Pink Hibiscus spray .

B- Spray of pink roses ,each flower approximately 1" across.

C-A beautiful yellow peony rose approximately 2 1/2" across with artificial leaves.

D-A pretty rose spray of deep pink , white roses and rosebuds with artificial leaves.

E- A bunch of 6 exquisite Calla Lily , can be used separately to enhance a flower arrangement, wire stems approximately 3" long.

Colors may vary slightly, I will be happy answer any questions about Cold Porcelain.Orders will be couriered in India , courier and packaging charges are extra.Contact me at anita3775@rediffmail.com or anita3775@gmail.com for further details.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Cold Porcelain Flowers

These flowers are made of Cold Porcelain dough at home and are actually several bunches photographed together. I will be posting them separately so that its easier to select and order.There are pink hibiscus,white calla lily and different colored roses. The leaves are artificial.I find making these flowers a pleasure but photograhing them is another story!

Sunday, April 15, 2012


Candle making is one of my favourite hobbies,I am glad I took it up seriously and started my popular candle making classes.Here are a few of my beauties!!
Beautifully decorated candles lend a festive ambience and are much appreciated!

Decorative Candles make great gifts and are used as show pieces though they burn like any other candle.

Floating aroma candles are in demand round the year and can be found in spas, hotels, events as well as homes.Hot sellers at Diwali Melas!

There are more candles and candle making tutorials in my blog about candles, have a look!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Fabric Painting

Fabric Painting really brightens up any plain fabric quite easily and one can personalise it too.Long ago I had painted a favourite cartoon character for a child's bedsheet with fabric colors and it was much appreciated!
Now I have used decorative painting techniques and one stroke painting for this bedsheet and was able to complete it quite fast.
I could not find a proper bedsheet pattern and so did it freehand.Maybe the next one will be more professional!
The bedsheet is a readymade one so it was easy. Sometimes a frame is recommended for fabric painting but I find it pretty uncomfortable to hold the frame with one hand and paint with the other like embroidery!
I have written a short bedsheet painting tutorial in my other blog.