Monday, April 23, 2012

Miniature Cold Porcelain Flowers

Cold Porcelain is a dream material for making flowers as it is very flexible and air dries to perfection, its also called Air Dry Clay.I love making miniature flowers and they look awesome as small decorative pieces on work tables,bureaus and other places.I had seen a tiny flower pot in a bank (!) and just had to make it!
These miniature beauties are for sale , price on request.Each item is handcrafted and is between 2"-3" high , a one rupee coin is displayed to give an idea of the size. Acrylic and Oil colors have been used for coloring.
Please contact me at for details.

MINI A - A small exquisite morning glory plant entirely made of cold porcelain in a ceramic container.

MINI B-A rose plant in a pot, both made of cold porcelain!

MINI C- Daffodils in a handmade container, both items made of cold porcelain.

MINI D- A bouquet of tiny roses in a container ready for display.

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