Saturday, May 21, 2016

Clay Hibiscus Flowers

    Hibiscus are beautiful large flowers which grow in the tropics and bloom abundantly  during the summer season.  They look exotic and come in various color like red , white, pink , yellow etc.
 Sometime back I made lots and lots of hibiscus in red and white colors on order. The flowers were more than  3 "across with 6 "stems for a vase arrangement and were much appreciated !
   Clay hibiscus are used for decorating gift boxes and other gift items and also look great in vases. The best part is that they are eco-friendly, never wilt or need water, they can be dusted with a soft dry brush .
   Orders are welcome for roses, hibiscus, peonies and other flowers, please message on my FB page Craft World featured on the sidebar or comment here. It requires minimum 10-15 days for an order to be completed or less depending on availability.

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