Sunday, July 17, 2016

Gift Envelopes -quilling

      Dear friends please order decorative quilled envelopes only from the above selection as these are ready to be shipped  as on August 2016 . We are getting a lot of queries about envelopes made and sold years ago which are obviously not available at present. Its heartening no doubt but we strive to create new designs instead of churning out copies of the same year after year.
 Gift envelopes are always in demand round the year and more so during the festival and wedding season. A unique decorated gift envelope speaks volumes about the person who gifts it . Generally such envelopes are treasured as keepsakes!

   These gift envelopes 7" x 3"  with paper quilling, lightly scented are for sale, orders welcome, please comment here or on my FB page Craft World featured on the sidebar.

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