Saturday, July 29, 2017

Foamiran Flowers

Foamiran flowers look awesome and I made this pink rose and bud as soon as possible after getting my hands on foamiran sheets . These sheets have recently made their appearance in the Indian craft scene and have become my latest passion ! I love making flowers and have tried various mediums including paper, stocking cloth( the wire twisting put me off ), ceramic , clay - my favourite and  now foamiran.    Flower making needs patience and practise and lots of flower making material which I have fortunately  collected due to my interest.
 Foamiran sheets are special type of thin foam sheets , easy to shape and mold after heating ,dicey no doubt but worth it :) Soft to touch, flexible in a way, very lightweight, nearly water proof ,a dream material for making accessories ! Most important , flowers wont spoil or break during transit by courier or daily handling , wear without fear !
 These seemingly delicate , soft flexible flowers can be used on cards, scrapbooking, fashion accessories , photo frames and other decorative projects .
Foamiran flowers are easy to make and make look exquisite in any project.
 Orders are welcome for foamiran flowers, sprays, bunches for the coming festival season, please connect on my FB page featured on the sidebar or comment here.
  Customisation, suggestions, ideas welcome .
  Thanks for visiting my blog, have a nice day !

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